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Holding and Asset Protection



As always, I come to bring here another great opportunity for Investment Abroad:

Well, investing abroad is not an option, it's a must for all Conscious Investors, who really have a broad vision of Economic Foundations and Finance.

My vision is that every investor, no matter where he lives, must have part of his Patrimony invested in other Moedas and other Jurisdictions, that is, in a Country other than where he lives.

Only then will this investor achieve diversification and protection against economic instability in these countries.

That is, if one country is in crisis, another is likely to be growing, or only better protected.

A practical example of this today is Brazil practically broken due to Public Debt and the US and Europe in full employment and growth.

Well, let's get the opportunity ...

CS INVESTIMENTOS INTERNACIONAL, together with its specialized lawyers, advises on the entire process of forming a Family Asset Company, which we call the Holding Company. The expression "to hold" means hold, hold, hold. Basically, Holding Patrimonial is a company / company that controls and protects a Specific Patrimony.

But why protect our Patrimony?

A Family Equity Holding can be an excellent strategy to organize the family and financial assets of a family, for example, to prevent family conflicts, preserve the economic power of the family and even contribute to a better Tax Planning, which is extremely important in Brazil , Is not it?

Investors and entrepreneurs are subject to market risks that can reach their family assets, which in most cases, are not adequately protected. In this way, the creation of a Patrimonial Offshore Holding, a company focused on management, planning and patrimonial protection, becomes essential!

Yes, you create a company only for YOUR HERITAGE !!!

In this way, investors and entrepreneurs gain a new management tool in the maintenance of their portfolios of real estate, financial investments and other assets, shielding them in relation to the risks of the Brazilian Market.

Through a strategic and specialized planning, CS Investimentos Internacionais guides its investors in the process of creating its Holding Company, which will have as main objective the concentration and protection of family assets through the legal entity to facilitate the management of assets with greater benefits taxes, that is, with a reduction of federal taxes, transmission tax causes mortis and other operating taxes, as well as facilitate and reduce the costs of family succession.

Sensational!!!! Is not it??

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A hug!

Carlos Schroer

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