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As always, I come to bring here another great opportunity for Investment Abroad:

Well, investing abroad is not an option, it's a must for all Conscious Investors, who really have a broad vision of Economic Foundations and Finance.

My vision is that every investor, no matter where he lives, must have part of his Patrimony invested in other Moedas and other Jurisdictions, that is, in a Country other than where he lives.

Only then will this investor achieve diversification and protection against economic instability in these countries.

That is, if one country is in crisis, another is likely to be growing, or only better protected.

A practical example of this today is Brazil practically broken due to Public Debt and the US and Europe in full employment and growth.

Well, let's get the opportunity ...

CS International Investments, through its arm International Real Estate, CS International Realty, advises on the International Real Estate Market, so that our investors feel secure in investing in economies in high degree of development ...

Wait a minute...

Insurance in Investing in Economies with a High Degree of Development ??????

It sounds like a joke, right?

But yes, Brazilians need to feel safe because they need to understand more about the developed markets to invest in them, right?

However, I think Brazilians should feel INSANE to keep their real estate in a country where laws can change overnight.

In a country where you have NO SAFETY in your Private Property.

So, would you feel insecure about investing in a country with CENTENARY INSTITUTIONS?

In a country that has NEVER changed the Constitution?

I understand that it is a bit uncomfortable for many Brazilians to invest without understanding the language and thus can not read the contracts properly, but that is past.

Currently there are several Lawyers and even Real Estate Brokers in several countries that speak our beloved Portuguese, and those will attend you in your language and, more than that, will not try to pass your leg, you know why?

Because in these countries they will be tried and condemned, unlike Brazil that nothing happens.

Therefore, I can say that there are several real estate opportunities for those who want to invest in the US, Europe and Panama.

A great example is the Vacation Homes in Orlando that your annual rental income can reach 10% of the value of the property and many ventures even sign a contract with you with income GUARANTEED at 8% a year, as they know they will receive 10 %, Is not it?

Sensational, do not you think?

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A hug!

Carlos Schroer

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