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International Life Insurance





As always, I come to bring here another great opportunity for Investment Abroad:

Well, investing abroad is not an option, it's a must for all Conscious Investors, who really have a broad vision of Economic Foundations and Finance.

My vision is that every investor, no matter where he lives, must have part of his Patrimony invested in other Moedas and other Jurisdictions, that is, in a Country other than where he lives.

Only then will this investor achieve diversification and protection against economic instability in these countries.

That is, if one country is in crisis, another is likely to be growing, or only better protected.

A practical example of this today is Brazil practically broken due to Public Debt and the US and Europe in full employment and growth.

Well, let's get the opportunity ...

CS INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS offers you a way to make international financial planning through good Life Insurance.

But how so?

Well, as we know, if the person who takes care of the family income dies, the entire structure of the family is shaken. Right?

In this way, it is of utmost importance to hire a life insurance policy that helps in this hour of so much pain.

With this feature, the costs of home, parenting and other financial responsibilities, for example, remain intact.

A Life Insurance can also be used to pay off debts like car financing and even homeownership.

In international terms, it is extremely important that Brazilians know that when they are acquiring US property, the succession tax for a non-citizen is EXTREMELY high.

If you bought the property in YOUR NAME and you die, the tax comes close to 45%, taking only part of the value of the property that is exempt.

Of course many accountants will indicate the opening of a company and put the property in the name of that, but several times when the property is low value, the costs of a company makes the operation impracticable.

In this way, you can solve this matter in a much simpler way simply by buying a life insurance in the amount equal to or greater than the value of the property.

When death occurs, the insurance amount will pay ALL DEBT TAXES.

Practical and EXTREMELY FAST.

Within the Investments in Life Insurance, you will find several options, below are the TYPES OF LIFE INSURANCE THAT WE OFFER:




It's the simplest of them all. You choose a period of coverage that usually goes from 10 to 30 years. During this period, if there is death due to any cause, the beneficiaries will receive the contracted amount.

There is also an extra benefit that can be hired: With it, if there is no death of the insured during the contracted period, the insurer will return all the money paid by the insurance during the whole period.



If you find it important to have lifetime coverage or more advanced ages, there are also permanent plans. In these, it is still possible to accumulate reserves, as if it were an insurance and a savings in a single plan.

Our consultants will be able to help you determine if this is the most appropriate plan for your needs.



The use of life insurance as a form of corporate planning, especially for business succession, is very common in the United States. It is also common to see a company as beneficiary of an insurance plan. All this is done so that companies and partners can have a smooth transition in the loss of one of their executives.

How it works?

Imagine a company with 4 partners. At the death of one of these partners the company, in addition to emotional upheavals, will suffer a great financial and productivity loss. In addition, the successors of the deceased partner are entitled to their share in the company. Some companies have to forego significant amounts to repay their debt to their successors. If the company is the holder of an insurance policy, the money received in case of the death of one of the partners can be used to pay the debts to the successors as working capital and also to cover the lack of productivity previously offered by the deceased partner .

When we design a life insurance plan for this need, the policy money will be sufficient to cover all obligations to the successors and also that part of it serves as a capital injection into the company. Thus, the remaining partners, successors and the company are protected



Another type of insurance used for business is the key person insurance. Imagine that you have a sales manager who brings a lot of revenue to the company. The loss of this employee

(by death) will bring a period of financial adjustments and losses. Until you can hire someone else and this person becomes productive, the loss can be immense.

The key person insurance can specify that the company receive an amount of money for the operation to remain healthy.



Everyone knows that a period of hospitalization in a good hospital can seriously undermine the finances of a family. Also, many treatments are not covered by local covenants and more people opt for some treatments with doctors who do not accept covenants.

In addition, everyone prefers to have free choice, so they can select the best doctors and hospitals - anywhere in the world - in an hour of need.

On many occasions, even for non-emergency situations, you may find that the specialist doctor is more suitable for any condition that may appear to you, is in another country or sometimes even in your country but only caters privately. With our plans, you will have coverage without problems.

If you want to know more about it, click on LEARN MORE and our consultants will be able to give you more information on this subject and the best ways to protect yourself ..

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A hug!

Carlos Schroer



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