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Who we are

Who we are ..


All right?

My name is Carlos Schröer. Better known as the Brazilian without Borders!

I'm an economist from PUCRS. But that really does not mean anything!

My intention with this site is to be EXTREMELY INFORMAL, that is, to pass on a basic notion about International Investments to all Brazilians who did not have the opportunity to delve into the subject, being in their rankings or their readings in a simple, with simple language.

I want to be different from other sites that talk about the same theme. I want to be very simple in the way of writing and very straight to the point.

I want to pass on my knowledge as if I had spoken to you on a BAR TABLE. Bar table?????? As well????

That's right !!!! I am not a writer or great author of Best Seller. I'm a normal person, just like you, but that has great tips to get by!

I want to be your friend! Let's talk like we're talking right on a bar table! Exchanging information and tips on the International Investment Market!

What do you think? Is not cool????

Well, I'll start by telling you a bit of my story so you understand why I'm here creating a CAUSE.

Yes, this is not just an Investment Site like the others you see out there.

I have already logged in to several websites and they all have a single goal, create email list!

Of course all companies need customers! Me too! I need to sell my products, be they Real Estate, Courses, Investments, Ebooks, etc.

And I will teach YOU how to DO THE SAME !!!!

But I'm sincere, even too often.

I really want to help you. I want to help as many Brazilians as I can ...

Well, to better understand what I'm talking about, let's start with a little story:

The truth is that I was not always a person who could see the real situation of current financial and social calamity in Brazil and, much less, have a notion of what it represented worldwide in terms of creation and protection of my assets ....

My first academic education was a Bachelor of Tourism, because at the age of 17 I had no idea what to do ...

But I knew that Brazil was not enough for me! I wanted to know the world. Other countries and cultures fascinated me! I knew since then that we were behind in many ways ...

I wanted to understand how and why ...

The first challenge came! I could not form a sentence in English! The need to learn English was vital ...

Today with the Internet and online English courses you can learn the essentials in months!

At that time, there was no other option than traditional courses of 5 years, which wind up a lot like a Globo novel, hehehe, to be taking money from you as much as you can.

It seemed an eternity ... But since I had no choice, I lowered my head and studied ...

It was then that in the middle of the Faculty of Tourism, I did not study only English !!! I studied English, Spanish and German!

Later, years later I still ventured into French! Yes, it is worth studying other languages. I can not imagine what my life would be like if I did not know English fluently.

Well, taking all these courses, I realized how far we are from other countries, mainly because we live in a country with a continental size and, for cultural reasons, with little access to other countries. We speak only one language, and this is spoken only in Portugal and other insignificant countries.

During college, I also realized that traditional Baccalaureate education does not teach me how to earn money, so I went after other courses.

I took a technical course in Real Estate Transactions to become a Real Estate Broker. I believed that this would bring me capital for my business. I ended up working 14 years in the area.

YES, I have experience selling real estate. I do not regret it, because it was working in this market that I acquired a deep and practical knowledge in real estate investments.

But definitely it was reading specific books on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, economics, finance and investments that opened my head to a new way of thinking ...

Throughout my Ebooks, I indicate where to study all these markets through online course links.

It was through these studies that I saw the possibility of having a new lifestyle ...

Something that few people achieve in life, but that yes, is in reach of all who concentrate to make it happen.

I'm talking about achieving FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

What is it? In a simple way: Financial Independence is to earn a passive income that surpasses your monthly costs, that is, pay what you spend. You do not have to be a millionaire. You just have to earn, without working, more than you spend. Ready! Where did I get this from?

It all started when I read Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, a simple, easy-to-read book that tells the story of a boy who was educated by two parents, a biologically educated public servant living with the his middle-class salary and another who was a poorly educated businessman, but what he regarded as his "Rich Dad," which he called for investment and entrepreneurship advice.

As simple as this book is, it really opened my mind and from there I decided that I would never have a "safe job" and that I would pursue my financial independence through my business and investments, no matter how long this and how difficult it was.

Of course, it's not easy ... It's not for everyone! I know! Who said it would be? ...

I tried to undertake in several areas, built houses, had a small real estate, a small circulation real estate newspaper, a hotel sales site, etc. Some gave right and others made a steal in my accounts ....

It was just that I was broken, always looking for the next business, the one that would change this situation ...

In 2008, after returning from an exchange in the USA, I decided to do another graduation. Madness face 4 more years of college. But yes, I went there and did: ECONOMICS !!!!

Surely, this course sounded better in my ears, it opens your head to much, but still, it does not teach you how to earn money ...

As much as I think today, an undergraduate degree is unnecessary to achieve your financial goals, at least that faculty has really opened my mind.

I began to understand how CAPITAL moved the world, society, politics, the financial market, etc.

I began to understand how and why each country and society functions as if it were a living organism that ceases to function without its blood circulating, that is, its capital circulating among its principal organs.

Everything was becoming clear to me and I had decided to work with real estate investing. Nothing better than helping entrepreneurs and investors multiply their equity, right?

Get out in front of other brokers for understanding a bit more about investments ...

In addition to real estate transactions and economics, I had already done VARIOUS courses in finance and financial market. It helped me deal with big business owners.

Until in 2013 came a crisis in the real estate market. Yes, the crisis began before the WORLD CUP in Brazil. Few people realized, but it all started in 2013 in the first Dilma government. I realized this crisis because I suffered from the difficulty in selling real estate. I began to realize the lack of liquidity in the market. Brazil was in trouble. I did not quite understand the problem at first. But, I had to understand him to be able to get around the situation.

It was then that I became more interested in politics .... I began to study how politics influenced the economy and I was AWFUL with what I learned about the LEFT GOVERNMENTS POPULISTA !!!!

Like the whole populist left-leaning country, Brazil was going to the hole spending more than it collected on social programs. I had to anticipate myself. I had to give a solution to my investors.

I decided to specialize in International Investments in early 2014 to give an alternative to my investors who did not agree with the Dilma Government, sophisticated investors who were already looking to leave a part of their equity in countries with strong currencies.

The small detail is that in this period that I began to study the international market until today, the dollar was of 2.20 until 4.20, arriving to return now at that time to 3.30. What little oscillation is not it?

Yes, its equity has fluctuated 52% in 3 years. Oh, but I did not spend anything, I did not sell my real estate and I did not travel abroad. And? You bought bread, did not you? Bread is just an example of us Brazilians buying items from abroad, and yes, we have to pay for them in DOLLAR! So my friend, your buying power has decreased YES.

Well, continuing, I started with real estate investments in Florida! Property is a simple and even more dollar investment in the safest country in the world. I thought there was no mistake!

It was then that the WORLD CUP came and Brazil stopped for a month, soon after reelection came, and the crisis spread. With all this shaking me, the day that Dilma re-elected, I decided to move to Florida for a while, because I could not take it anymore. It was the last straw. I had to seek information, specialize, bring investment options, everything I could to help the Brazilians protect their assets against the leftist governments.

It was then that in October 2017 I decided to go back to Brazil and create Dollar Rent, Dollar Income, Dollar Commission and Brazilian Sans Frontiers ... But why did I come back? Makes sense?

What I want to say is that we do not have to have all our equity in a weak and unstable currency like the Real. Yes, REAL is considered an EXOTIC currency! Even more so in a jurisdiction with legal and political instability like Brazil. Is it worth risking all of your equity here? We have a very serious problem in Brazil. It's up to each of us to decide what to do ..

I'm not here to talk about all the problems in Brazil, even because it would not fit in a book, much less in that Ebook. But, I can summarize how Brazil is seen out there and what are the criticisms made to our government.

I'm not a person who stands on the wall, I really leave my opinion where I go. So I'm not going to hide here. Since I lived in the United States for five years and watched the news that criticized Left governments, I learned to analyze the contrast between the US, a liberal capitalist right country against populist left-wing countries.

Ah, but the US has the left party !!! The Democrats. Of course yes! But let's not get into the argument of comparing Lula or Dilma with Barack Obama, right? JOKE!!!!!

Brazil had phases with governments on both fronts. I will not even go into the subject of who is corrupt, because I believe that Brazilian politicians have been favored by the system in recent decades and, thus, corruption is merely a consequence of the disorganized system. And there were several moments in Brazil involving financial and political crises, among them the dictatorship, the freezing of bank accounts, currency changes, extremely high inflation and international debts that we have to take into consideration. However, there is a fact that divides water from wine.

The ruling system of the Left parties, which is mistaken YES and attacks capitalist society, especially the private sector and consequently the workers.

The strategy of these parties is to have a charismatic "people" leader so that they can garner mass support and win the election.

By winning and electing and assuming power, such parties increase public spending, not caring for the increase in public debt, in the aim of making social programs for their voters ("the people") and thus perpetuating themselves in power . At first, there is a transfer of wealth from the private sector to the lower classes, giving an initial sense of well-being, but soon afterwards, public accounts do not close and there is a need to raise taxes to cover spending.

Thus, there is a fall in production and, consequently, economic crises. Even so, public debt continues to increase, as spending is not usually controlled and the situation obviously goes out of control.

Of course this is an extremely simplistic way of explaining the problems. But if only 60% of Brazilians knew this, Brazil would certainly be better, would not it?

Well, let's go to what happened then ...

The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of 2010 was 7.5%, the best performance in 25 years. This was not because of the "wonderful" LULA government, of course not, but because of China's incredible growth in the past decade, which has pulled all commodity-exporting countries. But what happened from 2010 to here? China slowed down and problems began to appear.

But what happened? Simple, the Brazilian government spent more than it collected and still in an inconsistent way. Social programs will not solve the situation in Brazil. These programs serve to get votes!

The tax burden on the private sector reaches 58% on payroll, one of the heaviest in the world. Relieving taxes on the private sector would make it grow.

Infrastructure spending is below the world average. Brazil spends only 1.5% of GDP versus 3.8% of the rest of the world. Where does this money go?

Brazil needs reforms in several areas, and it is not for lack of warnings.

It is not from now that renowned economics magazines see criticizing Brazil for its uncontrolled managements.

Taxes in Brazil represent 36% of GDP and public spending is by law prohibited from being managed more efficiently, since 90% of them are covered by various protectionist laws.

Several states of the Union are completely broken and are no longer paying civil service.

Well, if I do not pay the cops, firefighters, teachers, doctors, etc., do you think they will work?

Or do you think they will make some kind of beak to pay their bills? But why, if the police do not work like public security? Will the union send the army to the streets?

If the State does not honor its debts with the Union, the Union does not pass taxes to the States and this becomes a cycle until the whole Union is affected and the Country breaks yes!

Well, it's simple, if I have a cost that I CAN NOT decrease by LEI and my income is decreasing every year it's obvious that an hour will come that I'm owed so much that I will not be able to pay off my debts, correct?

But if I have a real printer at home! Now? Did you know that?

Yes, Brazil has high internal debt! Debt with Brazilians !! Not foreign, with strangers! Brazil will pay in Reais! You may well print Reais and go paying the debt.

This can? Is right? You can! It is not correct! This would trigger inflation and the dollar and would undermine the confidence of the foreign investor in Brazil by throwing the stock market to extremely low levels. It would be disastrous.

So what can we do? Can we change Brazil? Many believe so! They dream of a new crop of politicians and heroes of the nation!Let's face it, I do not! This is Brazil's burden. Maybe the situation will change, but we will not be alive to see it! End!

We are on the verge of an election that can bring the far left and right wing face to face in the second round. Is there anything worse than that for your equity?

Do you want to stay depending on other Brazilians without culture? Those who have no idea what is going on, are watching soap opera and thinking about the next carnival, but they have the power to influence yes in the construction and mainly in the protection of everything that you have, voting in who they want.

I do not think so! You're sick of it, are not you? If you feel that way, I mean you do not have to think that way.

We can do something about it and change our lives to protect our assets from laws, sanctions, taxes, exchange rate swings, corruption and letting it be managed in appropriate jurisdictions for each type of investment and in strong COINS.

I have the solution and it is in the content of that site! Enjoy!

A hug!

Carlos Schröer.


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